The best steel rings and tyres manufacturer in Europe

Seamless rolled steel rings and tyres expertise

HALO STEELRINGS is a Belgian manufacturer of seamless rolled and forged steel rings and tyres for a large portfolio of international customers, primarily in the wind power, civil engineering and construction, marine and railway, industrial equipment and pressure vessel markets. Our company, based in Seraing, Belgium, supplies high-quality steel rings and tyres to Europe and around the world.

HALO STEERLINGS S.A. is the market leader for rolled steel rings and tyres, with more than 100 years of experience in the forging industry.

Halo Steelrings values

HALO STEELRINGS is committed to serving our customers. At HALO STEELRINGS we champion four core values: efficiency, quality, sustainability and partnership – strengths that help us rise to this important challenge.

Effectiveness in steel rings manufacturing

HALO STEELRINGS helps make your boldest projects a success. Our steel ring forging and rolling processes optimise the reliability and lifetime costs of your critical structures and applications. Our manufacturing process delivers high-quality products, fast processing times and cutting-edge technological expertise.

Quality in steel rings manufacturing

Our steel rings are built to last. At HALO STEELRINGS we supply seamless rolled rings for a wide range of critical applications where quality is crucial to the equipment’s performance and safety. Each product is subject to rigorous quality control as part of each forging process.

Sustainability in steel rings manufacturing

The wind power industry is our key market. HALO STEELRINGS supplies products with enhanced resistance to harsh service conditions. We are also developing cleaner and greener products and processes for a more sustainable environment.

Partnership in steel rings manufacturing

HALO STEELRINGS offers more than your ordinary steel rings supplier. We work hand in hand with our customers to provide innovative solutions to the challenges they are facing.

European seamless rolled rings producer

HALO STEELRINGS specialises in the production of rolled rings for use in Europe. Our seamless rolled rings are manufactured according to international standards or customer specifications in a wide range of steel grades. To deliver the best quality products, HALO STEELRINGS works closely with a range of different research centres. We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ needs across our entire product range.

European railway tyres supplier

In the railway industry, passenger safety is paramount. Belgium-based HALO STEELRINGS is your reliable partner and provider of high-quality tyres that can be supplied rough or fully machined and ready for assembly. All railway tyre profiles meet the standards set by the UIC code or customised specifications. We supply the railway industry in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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