Seamless rolled rings supplier since 19th Century

Ring rolled products world leader

HALO STEELRINGS S.A. is specialized in the manufacturing and heat treatment of ring rolled products.
HALO STEELRINGS’ organizational efficiency, expertise and carefully selected suppliers guarantee constant high quality products with a production process that meets the strictest safety and environmental standards.

HALO STEELRINGS S.A. is known for its high quality products and flexibility in production with short lead times. HALO STEELRINGS S.A. has become the leading supplier for a large international customer base through its know-how and dynamism. Its customers include the major world manufacturers of slewing rings and gear boxes.

Halo Steelrings environmental policy

The management of HALO STEELRINGS considers the respect of our environment as a primary and permanent concern. The day-to-day vigilance of our staff must lead to responsible actions and to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. HALO STEELRINGS commits itself to the following principles

Environmental management

Implementation of environmental management systems such as the ISO 14001 standard throughout the company.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Efficient use of natural resources, energy and ground. Managing and reducing the carbon footprint of production.

Modern production methods

Updating, improvement and implementation of production methods with a low environmental impact, prioritizing local resources and services

Environmentally-friendly products

Developing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly products according to the intended use and recycling potential.

Health and safety in steel rings production

The management of HALO STEELRINGS is firmly resolved to making health and safety permanent concerns for its whole staff, as well as a strategic focus of its development – which is inseparable from its profitability.
We commit ourselves to applying, implementing and promoting the measures set out by the OHSAS 18001 standard and HALO STEELRINGS’ safety guidelines according to the laws in force.

Halo Steelrings and Arcelor Mittal Ringmill history