Our wide range of forged products

Superior solutions for steel rings business

It is HALO STEELRINGS’ aim to give first class service at all times. We deliver superior solutions through our skilled staff, high quality systems and processes. We believe in a continuous improvement strategy not only focused on quality but also on health, safety and the environment. Our raw materials is supplied by an extensive network of European steelmakers.

Only High-Quality Steel

Selection of high-quality steel developed to meet the most stringent specifications.

Speed and Reproducibility

Fully automated radial and axial rolling to combine speed and reproducibility.

Required Mechanical Properties

Accurate and efficient heat treatment facilities to guarantee required mechanical properties and a homogeneous structure.

Stringent Quality Control

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process resulting in a 100% compliant product.

Seamless rolled rings manufacturing

HALO STEELRINGS manufactures seamless rolled rings, according to international standards or customer specifications, in various steel grades

  • Weldable carbon steels
  • Low-alloy steels
  • Alloyed steels for carburising or nitriding
  • Stainless steel

Delivery black as forged, rough-machined or fully-machined.

Seamless rolled rings technical specifications

External diameter

500 – 4500mm

Internal diameter

Min. 300mm


50 – 500mm


50 – 500mm


100 – 4000kg

Railway tyres production

HALO STEELRINGS produces all types of railway tyre profiles, according to UIC standards or customer specifications. The tyres can be supplied rough-or fully-machined for assembly

Tyres technical specifications

External diameter

600 – 1400mm

Internal diameter

Min. 400mm


80 – 155mm


15 – 50mm


100 – 600kg

Seamless steel rings manufacturing

Whatever the market or application our steel rings meet the most stringent requirements of strength, ductility, toughness and fatigue resistance.Optimized material allowances insure the reduced machining cost