Steel rings markets

Fields of application for forged and rolled rings

HALO STEELRINGS is a reliable partner and supplier to a wide range of markets and industries that require the highest possible quality components. We manufacture forged and rolled steel rings for the wind power, civil engineering and construction, marine and railway, industrial equipment and pressure vessels market.

Production of steel rings for the wind power market

Reliability and high-quality standards and are key success factors in the offshore and onshore wind power market. HALO STEELRINGS delivers steel rings to the wind power industry for a range of different applications, fully meeting these requirements.

  • Slewing bearings for blades and nacelles

  • Gearbox components

  • Main shaft bearings

  • Coupling systems

Production of steel rings for civil engineering and construction

Yellow Goods OEM and first tier suppliers are relying on HALO STEELRINGS rings for decades:

  • Slewing bearings
  • Undercarriage reinforcing rings

Steel rings and tyres production for industry

Partnership and flexibility make of HALO STEELRINGS first class supplier in the industry:

  • Flanges for industrial equipments
  • Gearbox components
  • Slewing bearings
  • Parts for autoclaves
  • Parts for pressure vessels
  • Parts for heat exchangers
  • Equipment for shot blasting machines

Urban and interurban transport tyres production

HALO STEELRINGS has built up more than 100 years of experience in the production and delivery of tyres for the railway industry all over the world.

  • Rolled wheel treads for railways delivered black or machined to design
  • Compliance with UIC standards or full customer specifications

Steel rings production for the marine and offshore markets

HALO STEELRINGS supplies rings for components involved in the most demanding applications on and under sea, for the marine and offshore sectors:

  • Jacking systems for ships and rigs
  • Mooring systems
  • Winches
  • Azipod propulsion systems
  • Sea cranes

Steel rings production for pellets mill

HALO STEELRINGS rolled rings are sought after by pellet mill manufacturers for their durability and their machinability:

  • Open dies
  • Reinforcing rings

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